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There is a Trumpet sound across the nations , a sound to gather every tribe and tongue.

A trumpet sound of  Freedom  

Jesus came to set the captives free. and who the Son sets free is free indeed !

Come be in one accord with the Love of The Father

Come and help set Europe~Ablaze with the "Fire of the Fathers Love "
The eye of the Lord is on Europe at the South Western Gate , His finger is pointing at the 30/ 45 window,

 Europe~Ablaze from the West to the East from the South western Peninsula of Lagos Algarve Portugal into lands  of the Mediterranean and touching every nation that borders the Mediterranean sea and beyond.

There is an expectation of an outpouring to  "Pour out like Never Before" , He is calling His Saints to the Gateway.
The Algarve or
Al GARBE  as originally known when it was occupied by the "Moors " means Gateway, or the Gate.

There is a call to the Nations

“Come meet at the Gateway to Europe“

“Open Wide Ye Gates Let The King of Glory In “

This will be a year of Redemption , a returning of those lost in apostasy, depravity and rebellion, a transforming of People, City’s, and Nations with the word of the Lord and the  Fire of the Fathers Love .

There is a gathering anointing, a calling of His Saints, a calling to every tribe and tongue.

To be unified in Christ Jesus.

We have entered a time of transition, into Kingdom building,  He is raising up a new generation  of Kingdom Builders,

 (The true Sons of God )  FUSING  us  together with the Spirit of Unity.

He will join the  separate streams together to become a river, the river will swell and  become a flood,

 and the flood will usher a sea of people into the Kingdom of the Lord.

A Fusion of Christian

       Prophetic ~ Arts ~ Music~ Dance & Workshops

Why Festival in the Algarve ?

It’s The Gateway to Europe !!!
The Algarve has a cross section of peoples from almost every Tribe & Tongue,

people naturally gather here to live or to holiday from all parts of the world.
Being a holiday destination there is the infrastructure to accommodate a great influx of people

as the word of this festival spreads into the nations.

Start to look at the Golden lands of North Africa and the Middle East,

Blow the Trumpet ,

Sound a call to these nations, gather them together and

He will pour out like never before.

2013, The year of a  Redemption Revolution,

An Exciting Adventure

The festival is an exciting adventure in music, dance, prophetic teaching and evangelism with workshops to include Biblical dream interpretation, prophesy,movement in worship, Psalm drumming and creative arts.

The setting is strategically inside the city walls of Lagos Algarve,just 500 meters from the beach.

There has been many prophesy's for Portugal and especially Lagos being at the Gateway to Europe.

Many people have had visions and encounters and this festival was birthed from  visions confirmed by a number of  people over the years.

I believe the 24/7 prayer movement was birthed from an encounter near here at Cape St Vincent as written in Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig where he had a vision of a mighty army of the Lord rising up from here across the nations of Europe and beyond .

Check out Isaiah 66 v 18-20 , it is a prophetic word for such a time as this!

 We believe the Spirit of the Lord is coming in a Tsunami of His Spirit, Come and catch the wave ~ Ride the Tide of Love.

In SUPPORT OF THE INSTITUTO FONTE DE VIDA   Drug and alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Lagos Algarve

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